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maurizio bianchi

compact cassette
Young Girls Records 2007
maurizio bianchi

Lona Recs. - Hong Kong
maurizio bianchi / M.B.

Kubitsuri Tape Int. - Japan
maurizio bianchi

maurizio bianchi

Transmit Recs. - tr
maurizio bianchi

maurizio bianchi
"Dead colours"

Silentes (re-issue)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"das platinzeitalter"

(Incunabulum recs.
Holland 2007)

(OEC RECS. - ITALY 2007)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"muitnelis" (tibprod 2007)

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maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"the industrious tubal-cain"
(shasha records, 2007)

maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"bacterie" (taalem 2006)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"konkrete klaenge"

online available here! (100mb)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"elisionem" (klanggalerie 2006)
sacher-pelz / m.b.
(stridulum 2006)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"blut und nebel"
(slaughter productions, 2006)
de-compilation of the early
first 10 lp's.
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"r. c. e."
(simple logic, 2006)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"men's true hated"
(menstrualrecordings, 2006) cd
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"escape to bela zoar"
(l. white records, 2006)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"the testamentary corridor"
(silentes, 2006)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"dead colours"
(silentes) ltd 120 copies
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
(simple logic, 2006)
maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"mokushi xvi, xvi"

online available here!

maurizio bianchi / m.b.
"jubal's experiment "
(small voices)
ltd. edition of 99 copies
7" picture disc

maurizio bianchi / m.b.

maurizio bianchi
603... annus mundi

1. vacuum (beginning state of void)
2. telos (final state of annihilation)

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calamitous decomposition for pre-phonometric notes and posty-atonal sonorities, instigated and completed during the end of the sutured era, with the apocalyptic beldning of sandro kaiser/frequency in cylces per second. "we are sterirely precipitating in rescindable prophecies for the flagellant escathology. the human exegesis has already denounced that cartilaginous judgement. since the survivorship, the fulfilment is waiting the defeat of the paretic age, but the revulsive times of the placable countdown are the describe in this denouncer work. about the cerebral future of the last climateric drama, the enthroned punishment explores the polite predicitions, creating an artificial intent of pandemic damage. the absurd earth is set for the malefic nowadays, while the fatal date desolately is approaching: '603... annus mundi'!"

maurizio bianchi
niddah emmhna

(based on the holy book of leviticus chapter 15th, verses 19-33)

track 1 niddah.mp3
plasmatic symphony for electronic particles,
erythrocythe frequencies and menarchal viola.

track 2 emmhna.mp3
hemolytic decomposition for neurologic piano,
coagulant clangs and leucocythe sonances.

this globular realization dedicated to all the ransomed mankind

niddah emmhna, one of the newest m.b.-releases by silentes from italy, announces maurizio's new phase of multi-layered audio-elaborations. basing upon the verses 19-33 of the 15th chapter of the book leviticus.

the first piece niddah is a morphometric analysis of adenomyotic periods constantly morphing into sections of plasmatic environmentalism and then re-morphing to abnormal vascularizations. hallucinogenic female voices of hypermenorrhea mingle with cryptic echos of radiopharmaceutical pathogenesis inside the radiant space of the endometrium.

the second serotonergic symphony, emmhna, powerfully pervades the central neural system by ultimate metallurgic strength. audio-environmental ethics performed by m.b. at his prolific zenith! siegmar fricke

maurizio bianchi
a m. b. iehn tale

1. aseptic
2. martyr
3. biodegradable
4. inorganic
5. electrolyte
6. hormone. mp3
7. nucleus
8. tale

(small voices) ltd. edition 500 copies on jewel-case

outstanding! "mb" is one of the all time industrial veterans whose name you see dropped all the time, but i admit i haven't got around to investigating his body of work. i didn't even realize he was still active. this brand new album has come along and boy am i glad i gave it a try. i've gotten pretty good at predicting what music will sound like, just by looking at a release and taking into account what i might happen to know about the artist already. before i put this one on my prediction was either a) straightforward classic industrial noise, or b) tedious glitch electronica.

the memorable moments of music discovery come when something catches me off guard and hits me in a much better and different way than i was prepared for. by the third track of this album i sat up in my clair and stared toward the stereo, realizing i was in the midst of one of these discoveries. this music isn't quite like anything else i have heard. on the surface it fits somewhere between noise and electronica. dissonance and soothing tones interplay constantly, so that it never gets too harsh nor too sugary sweet. most of the sounds are electronic in nature while there's also a prominent piano element through most of the album. this music manages to evoke real settings to me, something like dark rainy streets & alleyways of old europe (not an easy task for electronic music). the production radiates with the rich perfection of somebody who knows what he's doing and has known for a long time

but the main quality that i feel makes this recording so special is the *motion* of it. one of the traps electronic music falls into too easily is to come out cold & lifeless. this music by contrast is bubbling with life. it never loses my attention because it never stops moving, every second shifting ever so slightly in this direction or that. mb in the liner notes hints at a "hidden spontaneity" in this album- and this listener can attest that it is real. _a mb ienh tale_ is recommended only to those experimental music connoisseurs who demand fresh & exciting sounds, and who despise everything that is tedious and difficult for no good reason.
michael j. salo on 1 march 2006

"a m.b. ienh tale" is the title of the brand new release of maurizio bianchi (limited to 500 copies). similar to his early experimental bionic-industrial masterpiece like "the plain truth", "armaghedon", "endometrio" and "carcinosi", this album presents eight decomposed tracks with slow, obscure and meditative music... cold atmospheres and reverberating piano... really one of maurizio bianchi best work to date!!! dedicated to all the meditative people who is living in the environmental paradise.

unbearably beautiful new set of decomposed piano compositions from mb/maurizio bianchi, long one of the most defiantly uncategorisable post-industrial european sound-thinkers. parts of this disc are as elegiac and dissolved in celestial tone as william basinski's disintegration loops, while other, more heavily treated moments recall the flashing psychedelic form of early electronic masterpieces like regel. "dedicated to all the meditative people who is living in the environmental paradise." highest recommendation!

undisturbed continues the transgeneric and explorative path, besides investigative of sounds and reality all around us (of course as matter and spirituality), of maurizio bianchi and it's indeed significative what he asserts about the environment (physical and biological) in the introductive notes of the booklet. therefore, if in the previous occasion we were in the presence of a work ("m. i. nheem alysm") celebrating the minimalism apotheosis, now we're in presence of a work that penetrates in the meanders of the environment(al) and, all sides, still iterative. in fact, as adhesive of the eight tracks, there is a support basis oriented to industrial drones, stretched and fluctuating, over this lie down unlike sonorous recontructions able to represent dinstinct settings which can evoke mutables images and feelings. not only because in at least a pair of occasions approach itself to the disquieting sonorities sphere, but because the general atmosphere that wraps up the album is certainly melancholic, sometimes like would be prevail, in the author, a sense of disillusion for what surrounds us and characterizes our daily live.

maurizio bianchi
mind us trial


sound files:
impalpable. mp3
katai nitibotu. mp3

an outrageous sonorous vivisection of dreadful reconciliations.
(2 cdr) ltd. edition 300 copies on jewel-case.

maurizio bianchi remains one of the most enigmatic and consistently interrogating composers/loners to come out of the first wave of contemporary cracked electronics. as a solo artist, a collaborator with people like william bennett/whitehouse via releases on come org and an operative under the cover of sacher-pelz and liebstandarte ss mb, he has been responsible for some of the most beautiful sensory wreckage of the post-industrial age. mind us trial is the latest release on his own label.

subtitled "phonological de-composition in 8 dissections for tapes, noises and neurological piano", this double cd-r set is limited to only 300 copies and comes beautifully packaged in a glossy full-colour booklet/jewel case with 8 pages reproducing original collages, abstract photos and texts by mb. the bulk of mind us trial feels like some kind of exorcising/remembering of his early industrial experiments, even as it's dominated by some dense, minimal piano conceptions that have all the fury of charlemagne palestine and john cale and terry riley's church of anthrax.

beautiful two note melodic figures accrue all sorts of sonic debris and ghost melodies as mb drums the keys deep into the wood. there are also long sections of fuzzy feedback/electronic distress and whorls of decomposing magnetic tape. but it's those piano tracks that you keep coming back to, all sad endings marching towards an ever-receding horizon. if you're looking for a way in to mb, this is the one to plump for. highest recommendation: it hasn't left the stereo all week.

i found time and musing enough to give your mind us trial double-cd a close listen. wow! i am truly impressed...!!! your amalgamation of piano- und noise-treatments is highly effective, digging deep into some unfathomable psycho-active chasm of obscure mental vitality. there you managed to fuse the best elements of both arceo mb with current mb. mind us trial may be effective as a soundtrack for the simultaneous process of an ambivalent "dying-reliving"... is death just another door for stepping into the realm of the completely different (das ganz andere)...??? stephan kraus

new, huge work for an astonishing maurizio bianchi, ever up prolific and marvellously projected towards a return to the seminal pages drawn as m. b. "mind us trial" systematically alternates episodes where the piano is the leading actor, employed in nervous winces ("sableux"), in gloomy, mournful emotional journeys ("hibernation"), in whirls of an endless existential sadness ("impalpable"), in the scabrously and solemn requiem of "lumineux", rollers in which often surfaces, in some oppressive atmospheres, the memory of robert haig, with devastating industrial monoliths, full of statuary orthodoxy in "yoake osoi" and "taiki yawarakai", with dashes of fierce ferocity in "katai nitibotu", and meditative immersions, not less frightening, in the drone music of "sabaku omoi". the complementary "ihc naib oizir uam", that pushes the harshy of its twin to the paroxysm, repeats the same formula, still utilizing only piano, field recordings of iron industrial school and tapes used in frantic cut-ups, with the conclusive, spluttering "uam", which reveals an agreement with the suites of early nurse with wound.

(review written by paolo bertoni)

"blow up!" magazine

mind us trial (ees't)

maurizio bianchi

the abstract stagnation of buried loops that enounces our  cumuliform desires.
m-cycle. mp3
ltd. edition 200 copies on jewel-case.

the terminal concept of cycles is matured after the sharp fragments and the glacial mosaics of mbs recent artistic reproduction, at the end of a triennial project, aiming to exacerbate the routine of prefab sound, the common and forgone sound created to be exclusively consumed by an amorphous and servile mass, sunken in a sullen entertainment. the approach here is totally new and the fragment is isolated and constantly repeated in order to build an aural minimal architecture. as mb states: our whole existence is subordinated to intense and mathematical cycles, from the biological to the technological one, from the solar to the lunar one, from the historical to the legendary one.

the cyclicity of the sonorous meanders of cycles is, probably, the unique example of cyclic music. particular and interatomic sonorous repercussions infinitely and distinctly repeating themselves, captured in a spectroscopy of atavic and coriaceous notes. and in the classic mood of the early 80s style, mb continues: the establishment will disagree. such an experiment will be considered tedious and banal.

what matters to me is not the ephemeral judgement of this sick and condemned reality. finally the nine cycles included in this minimal work could be considered my appropriate epitaph. i have already entirely expressed my own artistic freedom and i wonder whether this might be nothig but the end of another cycle, in anxious expectation of the... eternal cycle. due to the extreme nature of the material included, the reproduction of this edition has been limited to 200 copies only."- alga marghen

maurizio bianchi
m. i. nheem alysm

a tumular hoard of clusters that reforms your open-minded vehemence.
first edition of 1000 copies on cartonsleeve.

two of these long tracks are piano treatments; frenetic, urgent-sounding fast finger movements, stratified onto each other. it becomes a breathless anti-meditation, wall of sound type experimental. a middle piece is gentle, delicate overtones and swirling simplicity. a breather between the two that lets your psyche catch it's breath. i am reminded very heavily of charlemange palestine, perhaps 'godbear'. what a disc! that one and this are so rigid and overbearing. once you adjust to the material's style, i find it quite rewarding, relaxing. the first time i heard it and realized it was made of such long, monolithic pieces i was unnerved.

these things can be done very wrong so easily and make you never, ever want to hear a record again. but i should know better, because today i put it on for the third time because i wanted to remember a feeling the piece was giving me. i wanted to be enveloped in that golden, flexible cloud of colors and tones, swirling and moving like a column of rainbows. in a full-color gatefold jacket with insert in italian and english. akifumi nakajima did the art, unusual style for his art as well.

maurizio bianchi
antarctic mosaic
(ees't, 2003)

maurizio bianchi
(ees't, 2002)

maurizio bianchi
(ees't, 2001)

maurizio bianchi
first day last day
(ees't, 1999)

maurizio bianchi
(ees't, 1998)